At WCA, we recognize that our work to build a world-class strategic and investment advisory firm must not leave the greater community behind, especially when much of our work is focused on countries in today’s emerging markets. Therefore we are passionate in our commitment to share our success with society’s less fortunate. We are active in our search for new opportunities to improve and ameliorate the conditions in which, sadly, far too many people still live. Some examples of our teams various charitable actions include:

• Pro-bono research and services as well as donations to charity and non-profit organizations such as Fundacion Pies Descalzos and the Red Cross of China

• Pro-bono initiatives to organize and finance life-saving surgical procedures for underprivileged children at Boston Children’s Hospital

• Active involvement in AIDS Charity, DKMS Americas Foundation (finding donors for leukemia patients), Fundación Alas (focused on poverty reduction in Latin America), Fundacion Mario Santo Domingo (sourcing cheap prefabricated housing for the poor)

• Impact investments in Burkina Faso and Papua New Guinea, including homes, schools, and medical clinics