WCA professionals’ expertise extends across China and LATAM

• Because WCA senior professionals include current and former government officials, WCA maintains uniquely close relationships with senior officials in the CCP

• WCA has the resources to gather accurate industry metrics in both China and LATAM that are otherwise inaccessible

• WCA educates clients to help them better understand business practices in China and LATAM, including relevant financial, legal, and cultural practices

• WCA’s key strategic partner in Colombia, Valorem, is also a 30% stakeholder

- Valorem is a major Colombian investment holding company based in Bogota with over US$ 1 billion in total assets

- Valorem is part of the Santo Domingo Group which is one of Latin America’s largest industrial conglomerates belonging to the Santo Domingo family with a fortune estimated at US$ 11.7 billion

- Valorem and the Santo Domingo Group have acquired, restructured, and divested dozens of companies in Latin America across a wide range of industries, and therefore have earned a reputation as one of the most experienced investment companies in the region

• WCA and Valorem form direct synergies in developing opportunities in both China and Latin America, including exceptional investment and operational expertise in both emerging markets