Going global, but thinking local

WCA has retained exceptional people with backgrounds in financial services and consulting in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the United States. With offices and teams in various financial centers in Asia and Latin America, WCA is uniquely capable of combining local expertise and know-how with international business practices and standards.

Vertically integrated investment advisors

WCA professionals are experienced in managing both buy and sell-side engagements from start to finish. This means we manage transactions from early stage target identification and research to mid-stage due diligence and negotiations to late stage closings and post-acquisition follow-up. WCA provides a suite of services for its clients to streamline the investment process, improve efficiency, and greatly improve rates of success and return.

Dedication to quality

WCA has developed internal best practices through the decades of experience of our senior professionals. WCA professionals possess a very high level of practical experience, know-how, and high-level government and industry contacts. Clients have the confidence that they will receive a superior work product without long time commitments.

Client focus

WCA provides senior level attention to its clients. WCA handles a limited number of engagements per office at any one time and always fields an “A” team. As a result, clients have the confidence of knowing that working with WCA represents a professional, risk-averse way of analyzing the impact of emerging markets on their businesses, while avoiding conflicts of interest and keeping their affairs confidential.